Student Life

Study your degree in the United States!

You will have already read the requirements, now we want to get you closer to student life on an American university campus, and you will see why it will be a very different experience from other universities in other parts of the world

Discover what you your campus and your university can offer you

Every campus is different, but they all have a number of qualities in common that make them very different from other universities around the world. Discovering them is an adventure, and we and they are waiting for you.

Excellent facilities

American universities have excellent facilities like libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums, and cafeterias that help to progress your studies and offer you options to enjoy your free time.

Share your life with others

Whether in a cafeteria or during an extracurricular activity (sports, art, music, volunteering, debate, and other clubs), enjoy experiences like these with others.

Don’t forget to eat well

Don’t forget to recharge your battery in the different university restaurants and eat well in order to do well in your studies and recover from your day-to-day activities.

Or just enjoy the campus

Campus is a place of rest, leisure, where you can relax, where you can meet up with others to do work or simply hang out. Enjoy the university’s campus, its grass, and its social life.

Fraternities and Sororities

Maybe you know them from Hollywood movies, but Greek life is an institution in American universities dating back to the end of the 19th century.

Share cultural activities, experiences, and entertainment with university fraternities and sororities (male and female respectively).




And much more…

… Enjoy getaways or the class spring break. Work on campus in various campus facilities to save and pay for your activities while you build your resume. Become a tutor for other students or sign up for a sporting, cultural, or art activity.

All of this will bring you closer to other students, who you will meet from all over the world, all of which will enrich your experience and change your way of thinking.

Sis Academics

Sis Academics