Undergraduate Program

Study for your Undergraduate degree in the United States

Students that complete studies with our Undergraduate Program get to study at an American university while having a unique and adventurous experience.

Immersion in their culture during studies favors sociability, an entrepreneurial spirit and optimism.

What does it includes?

Help getting the I-20 to get your Student Visa in order

Personal interviews


Academic Profile Development

Document evaluation

Scholarship management before University

Study your degree in the United States!

Get your scholarship for 50 to 100%

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  • Be a high school, college, or graduate student (you can confirm courses)
  • Submit the admission form.
  • Be between the ages of 16 and 26.

What does it include?

  • Personal and orientation interviews
  • Online academic profile development for the applicant.
  • Document evaluation.
  • Scholarship management before universities.
  • Assistance and follow-up in the admission process as well as help obtaining the i-20 document to get the F1 student visa.

Program benefits

Zero-risk policy for participants
The program has a 100% effectiveness in getting scholarships.
All inclusive program
The scholarship programs at SIS Becas offer students an all-inclusive program: on-campus residency, study, and meal plan, which provides prospects with well-being within their experience in the United States.
Internationally recognized degree

Higher education institutions in the United States seek professional accreditation from various governing bodies. These schools earn accreditation by meeting certain criteria, such as ensuring quality education, as well as a qualification that is recognized by employers around the world to ensure academic standing.

Personal growth and experience
SIS Scholarships is the organization that develops this unique system for obtaining scholarships for international students. This explains why we are the leading and the most effective program internationally
High level of exposure
More than 150 university institutions participate in our program.
Profesional work experience
International students can work on campus and earn up to 700 USD monthly, as well as gain experience in the workplace. The OPT is a practical extension at the end of university studies and entitles any student to legally work for one year in their field of study that has been developed in the United States, which is a great way to recuperate the funds invested in their education.

8-step process to get scholarships

Step 1. Get to know the Undergraduate Program

The SIS team will inform you via email about the Undergraduate Program. The first step will be to fill out our online admissions application which we will send you electronically. This way we can know more about your objectives to study in the United States.

Paso 2. Interview
The SIS team will determine, together with you and your family, what your personal objectives are and carry out a preliminary evaluation of your possibilities based on your academic, linguistic, and sports profile. Then we will determine what are your best options taking into consideration your objective and the wide selection of American universities, in which there are a variety of degrees, budgets for academic scholarships, price, admissions requirements, and geographical destination. Together we will find your best option.
Step 3. Admission into the program and signing of the contract

  If the interview went positively, Congratulations! You are eligible for our Undergraduate Program and we will send you the contract detailing all of our services, guarantees, and payment plan. In this step, the contract is signed, the first payment is made, and the online academic profile is made which we will distribute to our University Network participants

Step 4. Advice and documentation process.
We will advise you on the preparation of the documentation for the application for admission to the universities that work with us.

We will follow up on your application until you get admitted to the university of your choice after receiving your scholarship report.

Step 5. Obtain scholarships
We will be sending you a personalized report with the scholarship offers you have obtained. These offers are made by universities based on their needs and search criteria after having received your academic profile. Remember that the universities are the ones that offer our participants scholarships, and based on this our participants decide which is their best option.
Step 6. University selection
  Once we receive your report with the scholarship offers, we will help you determine your best option and start the admission process with the university of your choice.
Step 7. Admission to the university
Congratulations! You are now admitted to the University, and then we send you the I-20 certificate so that you can process your VISA F1 at the American embassy.
Step 8. Travel to your university
The SIS team wishes you the best of luck on your trip to your university. We will be attentive to your athletic participation as well as your adaptation in the United States.

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It is possible to continue your academic undergraduate studies at an American university with a scholarship, request information.


2.300 €

Undergraduate Program  

What they say about us

Being able to study in the United States with scholarships has been a great opportunity for me, I am in my last year and am applying to OPT to do my paid internship for one year in an American business.
Ana Martínez

Living the study experience in the United States is something recommended to all those that wish to study abroad. The American professors and students are very nice and that helped me adjust quickly.
Carlos Domínguez

I love to live on campus, have activities planned with other students, the facilities for academic development are first class.
Andrés García

I am very happy studying in the United States, I hope to graduate with honors and continue my professional in my country.
Sonia Suárez

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