SIS Scholarships (Education and Athletics USA SL) has signed a Collaboration Agreement this September 28 to become the number one gateway for Chinese student athletes to the United States

In an exciting step toward expanding access to college sports scholarships in the United States , SIS Scholarships has signed a collaboration agreement with the prestigious Evergrande Football School , the largest soccer school in the world.

This great alliance is forged in China with a Signing Ceremony that seals the agreement and puts the first Showcase 2024 event on the calendar at the Evergrande Football School facilities for Chinese student athletes.

Kevin Zimmermann (on the right at the table) and Pablo Villoslada at the Signing Ceremony of the SIS Scholarship Agreement with Evergrande Football School
Kevin Zimmermann (on the right at the table) and Pablo Villoslada at the Signing Ceremony of the SIS Scholarship Agreement with Evergrande Football School

SIS Scholarships is the leading company in the field of sports scholarships in the United States, it has been working tirelessly for years to connect young athletes with high-level American universities, providing them with sports scholarship opportunities that allow them to continue their studies while playing sports.

On the other hand, Evergrande Football School , Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao’s youth academy, is the largest football academy on the planet ( Guinness record in 2015) and has carried out exemplary training work for more than a decade, in which even the Real Madrid until 2020.

The Evergrande Soccer School has won a total of 157 high-level Chinese and foreign soccer championships, with 576 players being selected for the country’s teams at all levels and more than 100 to the Chinese Super League. Many of its students are in turn admitted to prestigious universities in China, such as the Beijing Sports University. Now, with the Showcase event you will have the opportunity to apply for sports scholarships that will facilitate access to studies in the United States.

The alliance between Education and Athletics USA SL and Evergrande Football School is a significant milestone in the world of sports and education. Together, these two leading organizations will work closely to host an unprecedented Soccer Showcase event , offering young talent from around the world the opportunity to impress scouts and coaches from top American universities.

The Showcase event will not only be a showcase for football talent, but a showcase for educational opportunities. Selected players will have the opportunity to obtain sports scholarships to study at universities in the United States, where they will be able to combine their passion for soccer with a quality education. Scouts from American colleges will be on hand to identify exceptional talent and offer athletic scholarships to those who prove themselves on the field.

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